Our Services

Border Appraisals Inc. provides professional appraisal services at competitive prices to meet the varying needs of all our clients. Because of the unique nature of each appraisal, we do not accept appraisal orders on-line. Please contact us to get a quote.

Services and Prices
(Residential and Agricultural)

1004 Appraisal (Complete Single Family Appraisal)
FHA Appraisal
Condominium Appraisal
2055 Appraisal
1025 Appraisal (Multi-Family 2-4 Plex)
Desk Review*
ERC Relocation Appraisal
Vacant Land Appraisal
Final Inspection and Certificate
Recertification of Value
216 Operating income
Rent Schedule
Plat Drawing
Rural Plat Drawing
Agricultural Appraisal
Other Assignments and Complex Appraisals